Many companies are hesitant about transferring payroll services because of the perceived time and hassle involved, but in reality it is a very straightforward process because we do all the work!  We’ll start by having a chat with you to understand your requirements and to see where we can add value and save you time.

We only need a couple of weeks’ notice to take on a small or medium sized payroll.  Larger payrolls will, of course, need careful planning and we’ll create a handover timetable and actively manage the handover process for you.


Take the hassle out of payroll management

Already outsourced?

If your payroll is already outsourced, we will liaise directly with your current payroll administrator to obtain all of the information we need.  If you run your payroll in house, we’ll ask for an employer report, a PAYE/NI report, and some member prints.    We will obtain ‘agent’s authority’ with HMRC to allow us to download and apply RTI notices on your behalf. 

We thoroughly vet the data we are given, and when we’re satisfied it’s correct we’ll upload it onto our payroll software. 


Already outsourced?

For your first payroll run

We’ll create a bespoke wage spreadsheet for you to use going forwards which will tally up your various pay elements into a gross pay total which you can then cross check against our payroll reports.  Reports are sent by email and are password protected.

Once we’ve run your first payroll we’ll provide you with a suite of useful reports.  Once you’re happy with your payroll run, we will submit the usual RTI reports to HMRC and upload your employees’ ePayslips.  If you need any additional reports, such as a cost breakdown by department, we’ll just add these to your standard reports.

For your first payroll run

Advantages of payroll outsourcing

  • Access to free expert advice on complex pensions and payroll matters
  • Compliance with employer legislation such as minimum wage and statutory pay requirements
  • e-Payslip portal for staff, branded for your company
  • Same day or next day turnaround
  • BACS payments direct to your employees’ bank accounts
  • It’s got to be a time-saver!
Advantages of payroll outsourcing